Thanks to everyone who came out last night to our parent/athlete meeting! It was exciting to see so many returning faces, as well as new faces! This program continues to grow which is very exciting!

Last night we talked about the basics of our season, schedule, meets and ordering some new warm up jackets, leos and t-shirts.

Below is the presentation that I went through if you missed it and would like to read through it briefly to help answer any questions you may have.

Here is our schedule for November-
November Gym Calendar

Here is the meet schedule for this upcoming season-
meet schedule 2014

See you all November 6th at 3:30pm for Gym Set Up!!
Bring your muscles!


20 days to go!!! Just a reminder that our Parent/Athlete meeting will be held Tomorrow WEDNESDAY October 22nd at 6pm at Somerset. I am planning to be in the library unless there is something going on that I am unaware of.

Let me know if you won’t be there and would like the information emailed to you!


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1 month to go…

Hey Everyone!! Happy October!! October is my FAVORITE month!
I love everything about it- leaves, pumpkins, cooler temperatures, apple orchards, boots!!!


Being that its October- Our season is right around the corner! We had a coaches meeting last night to get things going! We are going to schedule our Parent/Athlete meeting for October 22nd- at 6pm at Somerset Elementary. Please come meet the coaches, get schedules and hear about the season! I am very excited to start our 2014-2015 Season!!

Our Season Starts NOVEMBER 10th! Gym Set Up will start on Thursday November 6th after school. In order for the gym to be ready, I am anticipating that we will continue to set up on Friday November 7th, and possibly use that Saturday November 8th to finalize anything. Please keep those dates open so that everyone possible is able to help!

If you have any question before the meeting on October 22nd- please contact me at

I am very excited to see everyone! I hope you are stretching, and working out to get prepared! Anything is better than nothing :)



Gym Take Down

Hey Parents and Gymnasts!!

First off- Thank you to everyone who participated this summer in our first summer gymnastics! We had a great time, the girls worked hard and I feel so good about the start of our season coming in just 14 weeks.  I had mentioned this to the girls on the last day of practice, but we would highly encourage the girls to continue practicing over the next 14 weeks. Running, lifting weights, doing at home workouts, taking classes at Gleasons, Hamline or Perpetual Motion. We need our girls to stay strong and be ready to jump start our season on November 10th. Anything will help, but continued practice in the gym will prepare us even more. Hamline has a fall high school program that runs from September to November. If you are interested or have questions let me know. I would be happy to help!
train insane
I also need your HELP!!! We unfortunately need to take our equipment down this week! I wish we could leave it up for 3 months, but fall sports start on monday and they need us out of there.
We will be taking down the equipment Wednesday night August 6th at 5:30pm. Please come prepared to work! If we all pitch in, it goes fairly quick! I need all the gymnasts there for sure, and if there are parents available to come and help that would be great! We can use all the help we can get. 
Please shoot me a quick email to let me know if you will be there or not- I would like to have an idea of how many people will be there.
See you Wednesday!!
Coach Jen

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